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3D digital dental mockups are an invaluable tool in dentistry, providing an accurate and detailed visualization of what the end result of dental treatment will look like. In addition, they allow adjustments and modifications to be made before manufacturing, which optimizes the process and avoids possible errors or dissatisfaction.

This technology also facilitates communication between patient, dentist and laboratory, as they can discuss and visualize the proposed design together. As a result, better aesthetic and functional results are obtained, giving the patient greater confidence and satisfaction with the dental treatment performed.


Resin-printed prostheses with 3D technology offer multiple advantages for dentists and dental clinics. They are accurate, fast and reduce production time and delivery to the patient.

3D technology allows optimal customization and adjustments, improving comfort and aesthetics. In addition, they are light and comfortable to wear. In short, they provide a high-quality and efficient solution to meet the needs of patients.


The realization of test instances printed in resin with 3D technology, based on the previously designed mock-up, allows to verify adjustments, aesthetics and functionality before final production, saving time and costs, and obtaining more precise and satisfactory results.


Treatment Description Time
Mock Up We will design your prosthesis and send it to the professional for approval 3 days *
Printed test Once the design is approved, a test will be printed in 3D resin Completion 3 days *

*Working times are approximate and may vary depending on the particularities of each case

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