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Digital flow

Digital flow and the latest technologies to offer efficient solutions.

Thanks to our milling machines and dental printers equipped with state-of-the-art technology, you can enjoy ceramic and acrylic restorations of superior quality and in agile terms, optimizing aesthetics and functionality.

The digital flow between clinic and dental laboratory streamlines processes, reduces errors, improves communication and allows more accurate and faster results in the manufacture of dental prostheses. Access our VEVI DENTAL platform where you can comfortably manage your work, check its status in real time, attach messages, files and photos in a very simple way.


Using an intraoral scanner, we receive the STL file directly from the clinic, which speeds up the start of work and design. We avoid the use of traditional plaster models and improve communication between the clinic and the dental laboratory.

By accurately receiving the data in digital format, we achieve greater efficiency and reduction in production times, ensuring exceptional quality results.


The next process is to make a mock-up or digital wax-up, which allows us to generate an anticipated and functional representation of the final prosthesis. Through dynamic communication with clinics and doctors, we can make the necessary modifications to achieve an optimal result.

This digital tool provides us with a precise and detailed visualization, allowing us to evaluate the aesthetics and articulation of the prosthesis, optimizing the patient's experience and speeding up the manufacturing process.


In the manufacturing process of dental prostheses, pre-testing was often done with wax modeling. With new CADCAM technologies, we can now make 3D printed proofs based on previous digital designs. This innovation allows us to speed up times and obtain greater precision when making the final prosthesis. This new methodology, in addition to reducing costs, improves the patient experience.


Our commitment is to deliver high quality final prostheses in reduced times. We work with materials of the highest excellence and our prostheses have all the guarantees established by law.

We strive to meet the most exacting standards, providing our clients with impeccable aesthetic and functional results. Our focus on precision and attention to detail allows us to deliver long-lasting, reliable prosthetics that exceed expectations.